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CALVARY - We're having Drive-Up Church this Sunday, April 19th, 2020 at 11A.M.!!!  


👏👏Thank you in advance to those who are already preparing the set-up and sound equipment for Church! 


***In cooperation with our state and local authorities, you must remain in your vehicle when you arrive and maintain distance from other vehicles. No more than 10 people may be out and about on the property at any one time. 


🙌🏼Praise & Worship song sheets will be available in the Church box at the street. You may stop and pick up a copy if you like. Our Minister of Music may even forward a digital copy to you as well. 


📖 Remember to bring your Bible!

🚘If you honk your horn, that's an "Amen" so remember that too! 


💸A Tithe & Offering box will be available so you can drive past and place your giving envelope in the slot. Additional envelopes will be available at the drop box. 


✝️We will have Communion at the conclusion of this Church service.  Because of health concerns, we are not able to distribute the emblems to you.  Please partake of the Communion following the Blessing using your own emblems of grape juice, crackers, and/or bread. I believe this will be a special time with the Lord Jesus.  


Any questions, feel free to contact me. Service starts at 11A.M.  I am looking forward to our Sunday Drive-Up Church!!



Pastor James Ganze

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